How Smart Thermostat Can Lower Your Insurance Premium

Smart Thermostat and Insurance Savings

Your home might have been built a few decades ago, but it can still become something that is described as “smart” home today. Installing a smart thermostat can help your home stand out. Making your home a little more than just ordinary may require some investment, but a lot of insurance carriers offer some additional discounts for those who choose to make some upgrades to their home. There are a few steps that you can follow to make sure you get everything out of installing smart devices.

Both homeowners and independent insurance agents have a great opportunity to benefit from the smart home tech. Homeowners can enjoy high-tech smart devices to make their day-to-day life simpler and more comfortable. On the other side, independent insurance agents can monitor which carriers offer discounts and help homeowners to benefit on the insurance savings side. There are plenty of smart devices available on the market, but in this article, we want to pay attention to the most common one, which is the smart thermostat.

Energy Efficiency

Even though smart thermostat requires an initial investment, in the long run, it will pay back through many savings channels. The first and most basic saving is monthly saving on the electric bill. Smart thermostats manage energy distribution more efficiently, therefore use less energy, as a benefit they are environment-friendly. Depending on the size of the household and location yearly saving can range from $100 to $400 a year. Different brands of smart thermostat capable of different things, from simply suggesting energy-saving choices and tips, up to learning abilities that adapt to the behavior of the homeowner. Some smart thermostats have the capability to remember the patterns of rising and lowering the temperature depending on multiple factors, which can make your home “just perfect” without the homeowner’s involvement.

Remote Access to Your Smart Thermostat

Most of the people are familiar with the remote start feature on vehicles, which is both convenient during summer and winter. Most of the smart thermostats allow their users to connect via wi-fi. Thermostats equipped with wi-fi feature can allow you to control heating and cooling systems in your house through your mobile device, or any device that have access to the internet. Imagine, if you left, you’re a/c turned on while you left for vacation, smart thermostats will allow you to log in from any place in the world and turn it on. Also, you can schedule it to turn on a few hours before your arrival!

Additional Smart Thermostat Features

The main goal of the smart thermostat is to provide comfort and peace of mind. Some of the extra additional features may include maintenance reminders or energy consumption alerts. Most of the smart thermostats are equipped with dirty filter detection, which can help you make sure the air in your house is always clean!

How to Lower Your Insurance Premium

So, the question of the day is how people can learn about potential savings from the installation of a smart device? Below you can find some helpful tips on how to lower your homeowner’s insurance and gain some money on smart home devices

Explore Multiple Options

It is unreasonable to settle for the first carrier who offers you smart home discounts. It is important to explore all your options. Working with multiple companies can help you maximize potential savings.

Contact an Independent Insurance Agent

It can take a lot of hours to find out about savings related to savings from smart home devices. Some carriers offer them, some do not, some offer discounts under certain conditions. Independent insurance agents, like Mathenia Insurance Group, already helping people to save money, and have enough experience with smart home devices to effectively consult you on potential savings. Upgrading to smart home devices requires a smart decision, make sure to ask any question!

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