There Is No “One Size Fits All” When It Comes to Insurance!

The insurance industry is going through major changes. The way people shop for insurance is changing with the availability of more advanced technologies that allow doing pretty much everything online. Many industries are moving towards online platforms, it is even possible to buy a vehicle online that will be delivered to your door. Buying a mass-produced product online is way easier, because all of them are almost the same, with the option of some extra features. But shopping for insurance often requires some additional consultation and human interaction, because every policy is different, and it is important to have the right coverage for you and your property.

It is easy to assume that almost everyone tried to shop for insurance online. The biggest difference between an online quote and real-life insurance agent are questions that were asked. Even though online quote requires a lot of information to be filled out, questions are broad rather than specific. An insurance agent will always ask specific questions about your property, such as if there is a swimming pool, or if you have any pets, or when was the last time the roof was replaced. These questions may seem a little unnecessary, but there is a reason behind them. An insurance agent is trying to get the RIGHT coverage for you, not the cheapest one. Often online quote seems cheaper than your current quote, but the biggest difference is how your policy was built. Lowering coverage to save money may cost way more in case of an emergency in the future.

Our agents will always take the time to ask all the necessary questions to understand what kind of policy you need. We are always open for additional consultation and disclosure of all the details about your policy. It is important to protect everything you worked hard for.

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