How will your family pay for your funeral?

In 2017, the average cost for a funeral was $8,508. That cost does not include headstones, monument, or marker costs or charges such as floral arrangements and placing an obituary. And the costs continue to rise.

What happens if your family can't afford a funeral?

There is no charity or government organization that will pay off any debt you’ve accrued if you arrange a funeral that’s beyond your means.  Funeral homes are not required to let you pay for funeral costs in installments — and an increasing number are asking for payment in full up front.  When families do not have the money for a funeral, they simply cannot claim the loved ones body.

Is life insurance the answer?

Life insurance can guarantee that your loved ones are provided with the money they need to give you a proper and dignified burial. Unlike savings accounts, which are so often stretched thin during hard times, life insurance provides a dedicated pot of money that your loved ones can use during this difficult time for anything they need. It's not limited to funeral arrangements.

Rates start at just $35.00 a month!

Even better, there is no medical exam, simple underwriting and easy phone enrollment.

Plus, your monthly premium is locked in and will never go up, while the amount of your death benefit is also locked in and will never go down, as long as you continue to pay your premium.

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