Protect your home from high winds

For the last couple of months, St.Louis experienced slightly uncommon weather conditions compared to previous years. People who live around St.Louis were able to experience a wide variety of different weather conditions including snowstorms, blizzards, and strong winds. It feels like we are almost on the safe side right now, but more windy days are coming with gusts up to 60 mph.

While St. Louis is not notorious for high winds and tornadoes, there is still a great danger coming from strong winds. 60 mph gusts can blow large debris around and damage property. Injuries also can be caused by loose objects it is important to look out because windborne debris can blow doors off their hinges and break windows.

There are various ways to prevent or minimize potential wind damage. First things to do is to secure any loose objects around your house. Some of the easiest items that can be blown away by strong wind include toys, trash cans, recycle bins, garden decorations, garden tools, trampolines, outside furniture, lawn umbrellas, sunbeds, hammocks etc. The best option is to bring those items inside if possible. Vehicles are in danger as well and should be parked in a garage if there is available space. If there are items on your property that cannot be removed, try to secure with tie-downs or sandbags. Make sure all windows and doors are shut and latched if possible. Storm shutters should be closed and latched if applicable.

Even though it is possible to prepare for unusual weather conditions, sometimes things get out of our control. Often it is just impossible to escape from weather hazard. But there is always a way to have your peace of mind with the right insurance coverage. Usually, homeowner’s insurance helps to cover damages caused by tornadoes and hurricanes if it does you are on the safe side. Even though wind damage is covered, usually a deductible will be applied. A deductible is basically an amount that comes out of pocket before insurance kicks in and covers the rest. Different insurance policies might have different de3ductibles based on the source of damage. It is important to know what deductibles are, to be prepared in case of an emergency. Deductibles can be found in your insurance policy and can be adjusted by your insurance agent.

Every insurance policy is different, and adjustment might be needed to have the right coverage for your property. After taking care of the loose objects in your backyard do not forget to review your coverages and make adjustments if needed.

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