Is Your Basement Covered? Hydrostatic Pressure Coverage

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What is Hydrostatic Pressure?

A higher water table causes hydrostatic pressure to be exerted underneath basement floors and against basement walls. Hydrostatic pressures forces water into your house through cracks in foundation walls, through openings caused by expansion and contraction of the footing-foundation wall joint and up through floor cracks. Hydrostatic pressure can cause major structural damage to foundation walls and is likely to contribute to mold, decay and other moisture related problems.

How can I prevent this problem?

There are many options you have before finishing your basement to protect it from hydrostatic pressure. You can seal walls and floors; you can do some interior water drainage; and/or you can do exterior drainage. Combined with waterproofing coatings, all of these options could help you prevent the possibility of having a claim.

What if my basement is already finished? 

If your basement is already finished and you end up having some damage, some insurance carriers do cover the cost to redo the finished basement. However, no insurance company will pay for the fixes since it’s a maintenance related issue. My suggestion would be to contact a waterproofing company before you start your remodeling since there are some great products in the market place at reasonable pricing and contact your agent to ask him/her if you have this coverage currently, or if not, how you can get it added.

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