Safety Tips to Have A Happy Fourth of July

The 4th of July is one the biggest celebration in the United States of America. This day does not only celebrate the day when colonies claimed their independence from England, but it also celebrates patriotism and all the values that were built since then. Fireworks and grilling feel like an essential for a memorable celebration of the Independence Day, therefore it is important to follow basic rules to ensure the safety of yourself and the ones you love. We made a list with some safety tips that can be your guide to make sure no one gets injured, and nothing was burned during The Fourth of July.

Firework Safety Tips

  • First things first, it is important to check the legal status of fireworks in the area you are planning to use them
  • Adults should be always present when fireworks ignited. For example, even though sparklers do not seem dangerous, they cause about a quarter of emergency room injuries caused by fireworks.
  • Malfunction in fireworks is a common defect, so it is important to have a contingency plan in case things go south. Keep a bucket of water or sand in case fireworks do not function the way they supposed to.
  • Never try to relight a firework, simply douse and soak them with water and dispose of properly.
  • Keeping the safe distance is important as well, usually, there is recommended safe distance on the instructions for each firework.

Grilling Safety Tips

  • Never grill indoors under any circumstances
  • Set up a three-foot safety zone around the grill, where no kids or pets allowed
  • If you are planning to use a grill, make sure it is far enough from your house, wooden deck, branches, or any outdoor objects that can easily catch on fire
  • Always remember to open and ventilate gas grill before lighting it up.
  • If you are grilling avoid loose clothing, so it won’t catch on fire

We wish you a happy Fourth of July, and if you follow these simple safety tips, your entire family should be safe. Safety is important to make sure a holiday only brings happy and pleasant memories.

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