The Benefits of an Independent Insurance Agency Over Online Insurance Program

In today’s world connectivity made most of the businesses different. It is easy to access and buy pretty much anything online, from vehicles to paper towels. Insurance policies are not an exception, and you can purchase the policy over the internet. In fact, more people purchase their insurance policies online than ever before. There multiple benefits of purchasing insurance online, but it is crucial to remember that insurance is a big part of your life, and having the right policy and coverage is extremely important if something unfortunate happens. This is the reason why there are multiple benefits of an independent insurance agency over online insurance purchases.

Insurance is a big part of planning your finances as well as life planning. It is important to get the right price for the insurance policy within your budget; therefore people like to shop around online to find out who can offer the best prices. The benefits of an independent insurance agency are that they can shop multiple carriers at the same time, and make the decision-making process faster for you. The main idea of insurance is to reduce out-of-pocket expenses in case of an accident, this is why it is important to make an educated decision. Understanding of all the terms in your policy and making sure you have the right coverages sometimes can be more important than saving $10 a month on your home or auto insurance and save you thousands of dollars in the long-run. At Mathenia Insurance Group we take some extra time to provide our customers with the information necessary to make a smart decision, you can always check our FAQ page to find answers to common questions, as well as our weekly blog to find out something new about insurance.

Online Insurance Purchase

The benefit of purchasing anything online is convenience. You can purchase most of the items without a need to make a phone call or driving somewhere. Another thing is that online purchases allow you to make a purchase at your pace at any time, there are no work hours for online stores or insurance carriers.

While you can easily purchase a generic item over the internet without worrying about quality, like a TV or Smartphone, it is a little more complicated when it comes to insurance. Most of the people are not familiar with most of the terms and do not have enough knowledge or experience in that field. Here is when a licensed agent brings the most value. Our insurance professionals will take the time to identify what fits your needs.

Another great aspect of being able to talk to a person you know is that they are available to provide you with guidelines when it comes to filing a claim. For example, you can still call an insurance carrier in case of a claim, but every time you call you will be taking to a different person, which can cause confusion and increase amount of time needed to figure out your next step in resolving the claim.

Local Independent Insurance Agencies

The main aspect that makes insurance purchase stand out from any other purchase is that the policy needs to be tailored specifically for your needs. Local agents have enough experience to help you create unique coverage specifically for your needs.

One of the benefits of an independent insurance agency is that it can offer you an option to sit down with an agent and discuss the policy in details, as well as offer multiple options, and a wider variety of coverages because they have access to multiple carriers. Online providers are limited to one carrier and certain coverages, while independent agents have access to the variety of companies and coverage options. Local agents care about the community and want to build long-term relationships with their customers, this is why it is in their best interest to make sure you are covered in case of an accident.

Option to meet in person is not the only benefit a local agent can offer, they can also:

  • A person you already know can help you to file a claim
  • An agent can work directly with you to determine coverages you need
  • Independent agent can often re-shop your insurance on a yearly basis to make sure you get the best price possible
  • Help you get the best value, not just the lowest price
  • Independent agencies can be a one-stop shopping experience by offering home, auto, life, umbrella, flood, and more policies at one place
  • You are able to interact with the same person who already knows your needs

At the same time, online insurance programs have multiple drawbacks, such as:

  • No physical office
  • No personal interactions, every time you call, you will be talking to a different person and will have to explain everything all over again
  • Automated websites and phone systems, where you will be talking to an answering machine
  • Limited options

Choosing Your Independent Insurance Agency

Online insurance still seems a little easier to use, but the value that an independent agent brings easily outweighs the convenience of the internet. Here at Mathenia Insurance Group we welcome new customer and do our best to help them find the right coverages at the best possible prices. Mathenia Insurance Group was always supported by Trusted Choice.

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